Is Aria A?

I’ve just finished watching  Orange is the new black and it lead me to this theory. I think we can agree that Aria has been acting weird, and the thing that gets to me is she finally has a storyline, where she is hiding something, however she’s been acting like this long before the Shana incident. We’ve seen her randomly snap at the other girls, we’ve seen her zone out of the conversation as if she’s deep in thought, so has she been hiding something for a while now? Don’t get me wrong it could just be Lucy Hale’s style of acting and I’m Interpreting it to be something more than it actually is.

Getting back to Orange is the new black, If you’ve seen the series, you’ll know that near the end of the season Vee attacks Red and attempts to put the blame on crazy eyes. 

If you don’t watch the series, Crazy eyes is considerded to be mentally unstable, Vee has in a way taken her under her wing, so crazy eyes trusts her. Vee attacks a fellow inmate and basically frames Crazy eyes for it. Crazy Eyes starts to doubt herself based on the fact that in the past she has done things and later has no memory of doing those things. In her mind she thinks she’s guilty but does not remember it.

We know Aria has mental illnesses running in her family, and the whole personality disorder is always mentioned in every Aria theory. My theory is that a similar thing is happening with Aria, what if she has blackouts or gaps in her memory and A is using this against her? I know this is really far fetched but what if A is framing her, and that’s why she always looks really suspicious when anything A related happens. Like in the Halloween episode when she lets go of Hanna’s hand and she has no explanation as to how it happened, or when they got magic 8 balls and she was the one who got one that had “A” on it.

What if A is aware of this problem and is trying to make her snap, or cover their own backs by possibly putting the blame on Aria!

There’s tons of theory’s about mrs Dilaurentis twin being in Radley.

What if, her twin was the one me hastings had an affair with not mrs D. Jason is the twins son. That’s why mrs D and mr hastings are connected to Radley? What if that’s what Melissa knows? And that’s what me hastings wants to keep a secret? I mean when mrs d was found we don’t see any reaction off of mr hastings, he did obviously have feelings for her at one point so he couldn’t have been that emotionless after she died.

In the beginning of the episode aria refused to speak to Ezra when her friends asked her to she said “I’ll do anything but that”
Then Mona tells her Ezra’s back and aria voluntarily visits ezra, as she leaves he says “thanks for coming and letting me see you” and she replies “yeah, I wanted to see you” why did she lie. And who was she lying too? Was she lying to her friends? Or Ezra? Because she could have just said to him “yeah it’s okay” she didn’t have to say I wanted to. If she was done with him like she said why would she go visit him? In the beginning she wouldn’t even take one for the team to protect her friends and herself. She ended up seeing him for her own reasons, because she “wanted too”.

At the end of the episode Spencer and aria are talking and spencer apologizes to aria for asking her to see Ezra and aria responds by saying “yeah, well someone had to” even though she herself told Ezra she wanted to see him, and that she voluntarily goes to visit him again after that.

Another thing about aria is the way she’s been acting lately zoning out when people are talking to her, and being distracted, you can tell she’s not really listening to what the person is saying, all because of shana being dead. But the thing is she’s been acting like that for a while even before the whole shana thing happened. It’s all just a bit suspicious to me.

Just so I’m not being biased about aria, We know Hanna eats a lot when she’s stressed, and there has been instances where nothing particularly stressful was happening to her but she would still be edgy and snap at the girls about her food. It got me thinking that she might be hiding something too.

Did Toby try to kill Alison?

Ever since Toby was revealed as A I stopped trusting him. I have a theory that he tried to kill Alison.

Firstly he would have to have a motive, in my opinion I think he has a few, firstly obviously the whole Jenna thing, secondly in the flashbacks we’ve seen Ali playing him (like she did with everyone) and thirdly, we know there might be a connection between Alison and Toby’s mother.

While investigating spencer and Toby heard Toby’s mothers doctor say “tell her to stay away from the blonde girl”

I think Toby assumed that summer that Alison was responsible for hurting his mother.

Why would Mrs Dilaurentis protect Toby? I’ve seen a lot of theories saying that maybe mrs D and Toby’s mother were twins. And that maybe mrs D had something to do with her death. Maybe she protected Toby out of guilt. He was going through a hard time dealing with the death of his mother.

Toby later joins the a team to make sure no one comes close to finding out what he did.

Moving on the present day in rosewood. It makes absolutely no sense to me that he would go to London to find Melissa to get answers. Without telling spencer. And also what made him think that Melissa would tell him anything? I think he found out that Melissa knew that he “killed” Ali and went to London to do something about it.

Melissa lied about seeing Toby. To me it seemed she found out Toby was looking for her and rushed to rosewood to tell the police the truth.

In the last episode Melissa was determined to tell spencer the truth. We all know how selfish Melissa is, she would not put herself on the line, so it’s obviously no one she’s close too. Mr hastings is determined not to tell spencer (I’d like to think it’s because he cares about spencer and doesn’t want her to go back to the pills) but we also knows he has a weird connection to Radley and mrs Dilaurentis.

Lastly I still find it weird that he has a tattoo that says free at last on the date Alison went missing, how did he know she wasn’t coming back and that he was indeed free at last?

Is that Ezra’s book? I thought A picked it up after aria tossed it? How does aria have it again? Oh yeah that’s right she’s A.

Why would Mrs Dilaurentis protect Cece Drake

I’ve been wondering why Mrs Dilaurentis would be helping Cece. From the flashbacks we knew mrs D wasn’t fond of Cece, so why would she protect someone who was suspected to have killed a cop especially if you didn’t like her?

I have two theories on why this could be.

1) Jason believed the rumor that Alison was pregnant and wilden was the person who got her pregnant. He told his mother and mrs D helped cece runaway. (She let her stay in her basement, she gave her clothes etc) and the only reason she did this was because in a way she was grateful that Cece killed the man that got her underaged daughter pregnant.


2) Cece said to the liars that her and Ali shared an intense summer, and that she dated jason. What if Cece was the one who was pregnant and jason was the father. My theory is that Cece tried to kill Ali that night (it would explain why she was talking to Melissa, and after the season 5 premier and the whole shana betraying Ali situation we know you can’t trust anyone even if they’ve been “helping” Ali all this time) mrs D obviously saw this, but she couldn’t turn in the girl who is pregnant with her sons child. (We’re all thinking jason tried to kill Ali because who else would mrs Dilaurentis protect. But I think that’s too obvious) now years later wilden figures out that cece killed Ali (this happened after the girls figured out that Ali could have been pregnant and suspected wilden was the father, he was in cape may too and probably put two and two together). Cece then kills wilden to protect herself (she would have a legit motive to kill him), and is on the run. At this point she blackmails mrs Dilaurentis to hide her because she knows mrs D saw her kill Ali and that mrs D buried Ali making her and accessory murder.

Who killed the girl in Ali’s grave?

Based on the clues so far, most of us are assuming that the girl in the grave is Sarah Harvey and that Melissa (and now her father) knows who killed her.

My theory is that the person who killed the girl was Ian. Him and Melissa obviously had their problems and we all know how controlling Melissa can be. I think that Melissa convinced Ian to kill Alison. Ian obviously couldn’t do it because he had feelings for her, or atleast pretended to. Alison seemed to have feelings for him and I think she thought she could trust him. My theory is that Ian knew Alison was going to run away (that would explain why he was not shocked to see her in the church where he almost killed spencer - he said “what are you doing here” where a normal response would be like I thought you were dead what the hell are you doing alive!) so Ian knew Alison was going to be declared missing and all he needed was a body. He killed Sarah Harvey to be put in place of Alison’s body. This way he could go back to Melissa and tell her that he killed Ali for her! That’s why Melissa seemed really upset about it because she really thought it was Ali.

We’ve all been wondering what the Sara Harvey connection is to the story. My guess is they’ll probably make her be the body in Ali’s grave (even though I really don’t want that to happen). But what if we’re looking too much in to this? Sara and her friends were basically a parallel to Alison and the liars. Remember how Sara’s friends said the liars are lucky Alison is dead because of the type of person she was and that at least they know she won’t come back and cause more drama in their lives, she won’t come back and manipulate them again. Sara was like Ali in that way and the girls some what felt free now that she was gone. Maybe the point of that was to remind the girls that Ali coming back would not be the best thing for their lives.

Is ezra helping Ali?

So basically, Ezra and Ali dated, there was nothing suspicious about the flash back. Ali said she Aria in one of the episodes. Maybe she means she lets ezra to pretend to date Aria. He wanted the diary because she’s written about all her secrets and he wants to protect her. That’s why he’s so mad when he found the lair, and why when we’ve seen him sneaking around it’s been so sloppy, like him physically knocking on Hanna’s door and listening to the sound clip on his laptop in class. Also I think he’s trying to get information from Mona. That’s why they had the meeting so he’s pretending to be evil. It could also be Alison hiding under the door on the floor at his cabin.

Rewatching the Halloween train episode. So we know it was sketchy that Ezra just showed up, I mean why would the police let him board a train that had just become a crime scene?
what got to me was he ran to aria and said “you’re okay, you’re okay.” And she said “what are you doing here” so by that I’m guessing she didn’t call him. He later says “the police said someone was hurt” but obviously he knew that by the tone of his voice when he asked if she was okay. How did he know? Also he sounded pretty scared. We now know the A team wasn’t responsible for putting aria in the box, it was wilden. I think at that point Ezra realized there’s another team working against him.

The bolder the move, the less anyone questions it.
Alison Dilaurentis

In the summer finale, the magician chooses Aria to go in the box for the magic trick. Aria has mentioned before that she’s claustrophobic. And she obviously would be uncomfortable because she was trapped in one with a dead body and was almost killed herself. Now I’m not sure when they got an A text about “watch me disappear” but I found it strange that none of the girls did anything really to stop her or to tell the magician to stop. I mean they’re meant to be really close right? I wouldn’t let my friend be in that kind of situation if I knew they had that fear. It got me thinking what if the girls suspect Aria or don’t trust her that much. Why else would they just let her go in the box.

Also I feel like aria would have also made more of an effort to avoid it, like why didn’t they walk away and watch from a distance? It makes me think she was somehow involved.

Notice how Aria is always the one who adopts different identities? She was Anita when she didn’t want Jenna to know she was at the same pottery class. She was Amy when she went to go see Maggie. As far as I can remember I don’t think any of the other girls have done that.

" I see everything that I need to. ”
— Jenna
Remember in season 3 when Jenna flirted with Nate, invited him to her party and all of that. It seemed like she was keeping her enemies close. (We later find out she saw Nate with maya/or him hurting her).
It made me think about how Jenna had a weird connection with Ezra. She wanted to be close to him in a way. We’ve seen them interact in a few episodes. What if (like with Nate) she saw ezra doing something sketchy?

{I don’t have all the information to this. It’s just a thought I had}

I’ve seen quite a few theories about Caleb being an undercover cop, which I think is really cool. I like that concept. But it got me thinking. What if Wren was an undercover cop? Remember on the board in the police station Wrens name was in quotation marks? We assumed that meant he wasn’t a real doctor. If that was the case then why would the police still let him practice medicine? Or still treat patients. I think he could be an undercover cop, that’s why Melissa said she’s been protecting spencer all this time…